Friday, June 24, 2011

sink or swim, you're safe.

We need structure.
I know it to be so true.
Our God isn't structured the way we understand. He is many qualities, but we don't understand them all. His order is above ours.
God is mysterious, but loving. Peaceful, but just.

It is as if He has given us just enough of Himself that we can handle.

Some people search deeper, while others trust that have gone before them.
I say everyone's view is slanted. It's only natural.

To know God on an intimate level reaches past words.
People try to translate that which cannot be explained and soon you run into Christian jargon and what was once holy and sacred becomes commonplace among friends.
Fortunately God can handle this, in my opinion.

I put this out there to say this is something that has been on display in human hearts forever. (Israelite to the Southern Baptists)It is much easier to follow rules -and be at peace with yourself for not breaking them, than it is to seek out a God who might or might not lead you down a road with suffering and shame (for His name). Basically I believe that structure leads to security in our eyes. Security equals not experiencing pain.

We weren't designed for pain. BUT we weren't designed for sin either.
When the problem entered
it changed everything.

The church, in my eyes, has tried their best to structure God into rules and slogans that we can take with us. We have taken what is unsearchable and undeniably mysterious and made it plain and understandable. The essence of the relationship with Christ is personal. Your church should foster that personal growth through its gatherings. That should be its first priority.
That personal growth then leads you to say: reach out to the poor and needy, run to the weary and broken-hearted, and love like you never could imagine--- all because the Spirit is alive and moves in you.

There is no love in rules. God stepped past the limits of rules when He stepped into our dimension of time on this dirt that we call our Earth. He completely changed our philosophy and understanding in one fell swoop.

Christ liberated us from rules and religion.

When did believing in Christ become associated with a political party? I don't think Jesus did that.
-Just as He had no part in the Holy Wars of old, or the lynchings in the South.

Hatred and love never mingle.

We are missing the point if we think following rules or attending a certain church has any significance on our eternity.

God moves in all sorts of ways. He can handle our denominations.

He is everywhere in between.

It is essential to use doctrine to understand about God. It is detrimental to our spiritual health to use doctrine as the end-all, be-all of our understanding of God's work in our everyday life.

God is bigger than our doctrine, our understanding.
Don't sell yourself short of experiencing life in God by following steps men have taken. Search for yourself. Jesus made that way possible. Your life is unique and so is your walk with Christ. You'll be surprised as to what you'll find.

He's my king.

For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. 1 Corinthians 13:12